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Now’s the time to be thinking about your social media strategy for 2013 (how was your strategy for 2012, by the way?). If you do nothing else, my advice is to get involved in blogging, if you don’t do it already. There are a number of reasons why blogs are important, not least because content in general, and constantly updated content in particular, is what attracts interest online.

Curation was the big online trend this year, with Tumblr, Pinterest and Paper.li all growing rapidly as people pin, post and broadcast their favourite bits of content. But where does the content come from? It should come from you and me. If you have the ability to produce content that people want to view, your reputation will grow rapidly.

It’s always a good idea to promote great content from other people. However, you could spend as little as thirty minutes, two or three times a week creating content that will be seen by thousands of people. You will be able to relate your area of expertise to what is happening in the news, to what businesses are concerned about, and to individual worries. Even though you may think “everyone knows that”, the chances are that most people don’t so start putting your digital pen to paper and get blogging!