Our grateful thanks go to all those who helped us put together “The Exceptional Speaker”.

We are deeply obliged to fellow professional speakers Graeme Codrington FPSA*/CSP**, Terry Brock CSP CPAE***, Justin Cohen CSP and Nabil Doss, who have provided superb content in their areas of expertise.

We are also indebted to Heather Waring for keeping us on track, and to Clayton Botha for layout and design.

We would also particularly like to thank all those friends, colleagues and clients who have read early drafts of the manuscript and offered their feedback and testimonials. It is a much better book as a result.

Lastly, our thanks go to speakers and presenters everywhere who take time to make themselves exceptional. A million audiences will be extremely pleased and delighted as a result.

*FPSA – Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association (UK)
**CSP – Certified Speaking Professional
***CPAE – Council of Peers Award of Excellence (USA)