RESERVE A SPOT AT the next exceptional speakerS MASTERCLASS

If you would like to reserve a spot for our next Masterclass, please fill in your details in the form alongside and we will be in touch. Please note that we will be scheduling Masterclasses in 5 different time zones: GMT-9 (Pacific); GMT-6 (Eastern); GMT+1 (UK; GMT+5 (India; GMT+10 (E Australia)

We suggest you pick the date that fits your time zone.

Masterclasses will run from 08h00 to 16h00. Suggested times are: Online opens 07h50; Start 08h00; Tea 10h00; Lunch 12h00; Resume 13h00; Tea break 14h40; Close 16h00.

You should receive an auto response email within 5-10 minutes of submitting your booking. Should you not receive a response in 24 hours, kindly email and copy

Fill out my online form.