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The Exceptional Speaker Book - Testimonials

An enlightening blend of clear explanation and sound practical advice.

~  Professor David Crystal, Author of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language

One of my books had a rather ambitious subtitle: “All you need to know about making speeches and presentations.”  After reading this one, however, I realise that I hadn’t got it quite right.This book shows that there is a good deal more to successful speaking and does so in a very informative and well written way. Read, mark, learn and put their lessons into practice and you too can become an Exceptional Speaker.”

~  Professor Max Atkinson, Author of “Lend Me Your Ears”

Alan Stevens and Paul du Toit are master presenters and in rhis book they share the gold that they have learned from presenting around the world. With the challenges we face in the world today the authors have covered every possible angle from live to remote presentations. This book is both practical and inspirational and is a must read for anyone who wishes to grace a conference stage or computer screen and present confidently.

~ Lindsay Adams OAM, Global Speaking Fellow, International Business Speaker, Past President Global Speaker’s Federation

Delivering speeches was something I dreaded but this has transformed my view.  I now get excited about making big speeches and enjoy delivering them.

~  Mark Palmer-Edgecombe, Former Head of Diversity, Google EMEA Region

Filled with practical tips and lessons learned, The Exceptional Speaker provides real life examples of what works and why in a candid manner that inspires. I highly recommend it for anyone who is going to be speaking virtually or in person. Regardless of your experience level, there is value in reading this book and keeping it handy for reference.

~  Michelle Settecase, Associate Director, Ernst & Young

With less and less time in our lives, what we read must add value. It must be practical. We must be able to use something from it. This book satisfies all three criteria.

~  Clive Simpkins, Marketing and Communications Strategist

In the modern media age, whatever you do, you need to know how communication works. This book, with the distilled wisdom of Alan and Paul, communication experts from the UK and South Africa, will help you navigate your way around a very difficult landscape.

~  Alastair Campbell, Communication expert and former adviser to Tony Blair

There are two things you must have to become exceptional in any field – a desire to succeed, and world-class skills. If you have the former, this book will provide the latter. Having moved from elite sport to become a speaker and media commentator, I’ve had to learn a whole new set of skills. If I’d had this book at the time, it would have been much easier.

~ Gail Emms MBE, Olympic silver medallist

As a speaker on the global circuit, I have seen a wide range of styles and presentations. Alan and Paul’s book is not only a must read for professional speakers but for anyone who wants to improve their speaking. Packed with tips, useful stories and examples, the book finally captures and shares what it takes to be an Exceptional Speaker.

~ Robin Speculand, Bridges Business Consultancy Int.

For those of us that deliver the occasional speech now and then, this book is an excellent “how to” guide to successful speaking. But for those of us that speak for a living, this book is a MUST READ. Particularly if you think you’ve “seen it all” in public speaking, this book presents you with a long list of surprises and practical suggestions.

~ Hans van Grieken, Vice President Business Innovation, Capgemini

Delivering a speech can be scary, even for an experienced performer. I’ve learned over the years that it’s all about technique, and there is no finer manual of speaking technique than the one you are now holding.

~ Midge Ure, Musician and co-founder of Live Aid

The Exceptional Speaker details the skills that every top-class speaker needs to have. Organisations that communicate their message clearly gain a huge competitive advantage, and speaking skills remain critically important. This book is a must-have for any ambitious company.

~ Andrew Fisher, Managing Director, Shazam.com

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