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The Exceptional Speaker – How To Deliver Sensational Speeches

Authors: Alan Stevens & Paul du Toit

For thousands of years, iconic speeches have helped to shape our world – but only because a decision was made to craft something special.

Even the greatest speeches required meticulous preparation repeated rehearsals and expert delivery. Speech making is a skill that can be learned by everyone. It takes knowledge and expertise to prepare and deliver a truly memorable speech.

This book has the tips and advice you need to create and deliver sensational speeches.

“One of my books had a rather ambitious subtitle: ”All you need to know about making speeches and presentations.” After reading this one, however, I realise that I hadn’t got it quite right. Th is book shows that there’s a good deal more to successful speaking and does so in a very informative and well-written way. Read, mark, learn and put their lessons into practice and you too can become an exceptional speaker.”

– Professor Max Atkinson, author of “Lend Me Your Ears”

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